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Sports Injury Therapy and Products at Chatham Chiropractic Clinic

If you "just did it" and in the process, sustained a sports injury, let us help your body heal itself. At Gagner Chiropractic Health Center we offer sports injury treatment, designed to target areas of the body, such as feet, knees and hips that have received trauma from playing sports. Our patients often have questions about their sports injuries, so we compiled some answers to the most common ones:

Q: How do I know if I've sustained a sports injury?

A: If you notice stiffness, swelling, limited mobility or pain in the affected area, you may have a sports injury. Numbness or tingling can also be a sign of injury. If you experience any of these symptoms, visit a health practitioner to have the area thoroughly checked out.

injured ankle
shoulder injury

Q: How can a chiropractor help treat a sports injury?

A: Using their knowledge of the body's anatomy, kinesiology and spinal alignment, your chiropractor will perform specific testing to assess your situation. They will then create a treatment plan that will specifically meet the demands of your body. They will prevent inflammation and deterioration to joints and soft tissue from happening.

Q: I was just injured playing sports – what should I do?
A: Immediately following your injury, apply ice to decrease swelling and prevent inflammation. Take it easy on the affected area until you can visit your chiropractor.

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